Is this spam or not?

Last week, in another failed attempt to get my email cleaned out, I unsubscribed from a bunch of emails. Most of them display screens saying you’ve been unsubscribed. Some ask you why. Some give you options for reducing or changing what you’re subscribed to, just in case you don’t want…

You know how you get all down into a file path somewhere, and then you have to go back up, and then back down some other file path, and then back up?

.bash_aliases is your friend, at least for going back UP the hierarchy.

I put this in my .bash_aliases file, in my home directory:

alias cd2='cd ../../'
alias cd3='cd ../../../'
alias cd4='cd ../../../../'
alias cd5='cd ../../../../../'
alias cd6='cd ../../../../../../'
alias cd10='echo "Do you REALLY need this many directory levels!?" && cd ../../../../../../../../../'

After you add this, don’t forget to:

source ~/.bash_aliases

That’s how it is today…tomorrow, or the next day or the next day (../../../), I’ll change the .bash_aliases file to accept an integer for the number of directories to cd back to, so I don’t have multiple lines of hard-coded aliases to do this.

Binary Belle

Senior Software Engineer, Inventor, Writer, Zumba Instructor, Storm and Sky Photographer, Drone Pilot, Shar Pei Lover & Owner

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